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Hair Growth Kit
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Tired of Sparse Hair? Unlock Your Growth Potential!

Are patchy spots or thin hair leaving you feeling self-conscious? Now you can cultivate the full, bold hair you’ve always wanted - on your head and face! Our revolutionary Hair and Beard Growth Kit is the secret to maximizing your growth potential.

It all starts with our innovative derma roller. Using it just twice weekly triggers a rush of nutrient-rich blood and collagen to every follicle. This optimizes the environment for remarkable hair and beard growth.

Our titanium roller’s 540 0.5mm needles gently stimulate each hair follicle. Say goodbye to frustrating gaps and sparse spots! In their place, enjoy a head of hair and beard with thickness and density that commands attention.

Why wait for the hair you desire? Our proven growth kit unlocks your true potential. Claim the confidence that comes with a spectacular mane and beard now!

Growth progress

How to Use

Step - 1

Sanitize the roller using the included cleanser and rinse with water

Step - 2

Cleanse your face thoroughly as normal

Step - 3

Gently roll across targeted areas to stimulate dormant follicles

Step - 4

Apply the activator to your beard and skin and massage well

Step - 5

Use the included comb to groom your beard, your way

Step - 6

Clean the roller using the included cleanser and store for next time!

What’s Inside?

1 x Beard Growth Sanitizer

1 x Beard Growth Roller

1 x Beard Activator

1 x Comb

Clinical Study

In a 150 days clinical study, our Beard Growth Kit has proven impressive results:

Hairs are getting thicker

New hairs are noticeable

Hairs grows faster and denser

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews

It works. I recommend it to everyone.


So far I am happy still too early to say waiting on the 60days to see the results. Using it everyday as instructed


Ordered 4 months ago still haven’t received this item! Terrible customer service would not deal with


No results


it never came

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find your answer below? Let us know! Reach out for the answers your beard needs to be its happiest, manliest self.

The Activator Serum should be applied AM and PM and left to absorb – not washed off.
We recommend using the Beard Roller twice weekly for optimal results. Always spray with the included Sanitiser before each use and cleanse in warm water – never boiling.
We’d recommend trimming your beard to tame and maintain it, but try to avoid clean shaves which could destroy new vellus hair formation.
As we write this, no side effects or allergy issues have been reported by any of our users, making our Beard Growth Kit safe for use by all men.
While most men start seeing new small white hairs after around 4-8 weeks, everyone is different – and there’s no such thing as an overnight fix. Lasting beard growth takes time and patience!
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