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Beard Straightening Brush
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Turn your beard from gnarly to nice with the Noble Gent’s Beard Brush. This easy-to-use yet incredibly powerful men’s beard styling tool puts the power of advanced PCT heating technology into the palms of your hands – the safer way to tame your mane. No common heating tube can compete! Every time you turn this bad boy on, you’re mere minutes away from long-lasting straightening power.


    How to Use

    Step 1

    Leave beard to dry thoroughly after washing.

    Step 2

    Plug your Noble Beard Brush in and turn it on, leaving it to heat up to 120° (around 1- minute).

    Step 3

    Gently brush through your beard, covering the full surface area from root to tip. Confidently smooth over the same areas again without worrying about damaging your beard.

    Step 4

    Turn off your beard straightener, and conquer the world!

    What’s Inside?

    1 x Beard Straightening Brush

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Kevin Hale
    Great results and quality product!

    So far so great. Saw a Facebook ad for the straightener. After a great deal and great customer service I got my brush today. Had to give it a try after I got home from work and definitely seems to do exactly what it is supposed to do. I’ve been wanting to try a beard straightener for awhile now and so far glad I went with this one. Would definitely recommend 🤘🏼 3rd pic is the next morning after a good beard wash. Came out even better!

    a t
    It works great

    I received this beard straightener in two days, even though I thought it would take at least seven. It is very well constructed. The temp is rapid at turn on and the straightener bristles feel great againt my skin. It's amazing, you dont feet any heat against your skin. I've gotten multiple compliments about my beard after using the straightener . It brings out the true length of your beard. I give this product 5 stars!

    Paul Guarino
    My beard is more amazing now!

    First brush I've gotten with well-written English instructions. I also contacted customer service who replied immediately and answered my questions


    Love it! I bought for husbands beard but stole for my hair lol he borrows it!
    THe only thing I would change is the back of the brush gets really hot to get a good grip. But if holding by it is perfect! Heats up super fast.

    Lance Hansen
    For long beards/ update to my previous review

    I have had an opportunity to use it and I do like it. One problem I have with is that my beard is not that long, maybe two inches off of my chin right now. I find that I have to brush my beard to the side or up for the heat to actually reach my beard. It does not hardly reach the hair on my cheeks. I feel that if there was more tines in the brush then it would assist the heated tines in straightening the hair. I have been using the brush to heat the hair and then finishing with my boars hair brush.
    After months of using this brush it has worked great at straightening my beard. But... it stopped working, the indicator showed that it was heating up but the brush never got hot. I reached out to Jay and let him know of my issue and he reported that it was a problem with that brush and he would send me out a replacement no questions asked. The brush he sent me also addressed the issue of shorter beards as the brush tines are shorter on this model. I am very happy with the product as well as the customer service I have received. I would definitely recommend this product.
    I feel also that if my beard was longer it would make a bigger difference in successfully straightening my beard.

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