Hair Grooming Kit

Hair Grooming Kit
Hair Grooming Kit
Hair Grooming Kit
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You wouldn’t wash your hair with engine oil or cheap dishwashing soap. So, why are you giving your beard any less than the best? Beards have feelings too, and they want to be treated with love, care, attention, and quality ingredients that quench their thirst for nutrients. The Noble Gents Beard Grooming Kit gives you all you need for a beard that’s happy, healthy, and deeply nourished.

    Growth progress

    How to Use

    Step - 1

    Pump some beard splash into your hands, mix with a little water, and massage evenly across your beard.

    Step - 2

    Massage 2-3 pumps of beard serum evenly across your beard. Leave for several minutes before moving onto step three

    Step - 3

    Massage a pea-sized amount of beard styling balm between your hands and massage thoroughly and evenly from root to tip.

    What’s Inside This Beard Grooming Set?

    1 x Foaming Morning Beard Splash

    1 x Beard Oil & Serum

    1 x Beard Balm to style, straighten, and shape

    1 x Comb + 1 x Brush

    Clinical Study

    In a 150 days clinical study, our Beard Growth Kit has proven impressive results:

    Hairs are getting thicker

    New hairs are noticeable

    Hairs grows faster and denser

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews

    Never received it


    Never got it It’s a scam They don’t respond back either

    Mighty Khuna
    Great Grooming Kit

     Exactly what I was looking for !!

    Jason L
    Great beard grooming kit!

    I liked this. Does as expected. It’s pretty light in color but it does make a difference and blends well with the actual hair. Hope whoever rates it very low knows that this isn’t to DRAW ON a beard.

    Steven Shirley
    Perfect all-in-one, simple, unscented kit with a sick comb & brush! Great for gifting too

    We have tried many products for the same purpose, and no one was good enough. However, this product is the best for many reasons. First, flexible in any type of skins. Second, it is a "REAL" waterproof. It doesn't change all the day. Third, the brush is very accurate and gives a natural look like a normal hair. Finally, it is very easy to use. It's highly recommend for those who have gaps in their beards!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can’t find your answer below? Let us know! Reach out for the answers your beard needs to be its happiest, manliest self.

    We recommend applying your beard splash, oil, and balm twice daily (morning and night) for optimal results.
    Consider taking a hot, steamy shower before your beard routine to open the pores. Also apply more oil at night than in the morning to let the active ingredients work their magic while you sleep
    Yes! Unlike shampoo, Beard Balm is fine to use daily.
    Always hold the comb with the teeth facing the ceiling and brush the hair outwards in the direction of hair growth – all the way out to your chin. This will separate the hairs and give your beard a “fluffier” aesthetic.
    Our 100% natural beard care products are perfect for all kinds of beards – long, short, thin, thick, and everything in-between.
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