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There’s nothing like a patchy, inconsistent beard to crush a man’s confidence. If you’ve been using our luxury beard growth kit but are still waiting to see results, you don’t have to settle for embarrassing patchiness in the meantime. With the Noble Gents Beard Pen in your arsenal, you can confidently connect the dots and fill the gaps in moments. Only Noble Gents gives you a strikingly defined shape that takes your beard game into a new dimension and it is both sweat and smudge proof. A cleaner, fresher look is just a few strokes away with this compact, convenient, and portable beard-filling pen for men!


      How to Use

      Step 1

      Cleanse and rinse your face and beard thoroughly with water

      Step 2

      Gently sweep the beard pen across your beard in the direction of hair growth.

      Step 3

      Once you’ve filled in all the gaps, brush your beard for enhanced, natural-looking definition.

      What’s Inside?

      1 x Beard Pen

      1 x Beard Brush

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 44 reviews
      Why don’t you have brown pen

      I want a brown color pen

      Danny Martin
      Good but

      The product is awesome at first… well let me explain I used it for the first time and it came out awesome I was very pleased and happy. When I got home maybe 3 hours after I applied it I noticed it wasn’t holding up as advertised

      Was skeptical at first, but...

      I was skeptical at first, but after using it really does help blend in those patchy areas. I really like this product. The only thing is I wish there was more of a distinction between the two caps. I placed the small cap on the big end with the color marker and it broke a portion of it off. No big deal, but a different colored end cap would help deter that.

      Works and is discreet

      Born with a patchy beard? I was. I use to use an eyeliner pencil to draw in shade within my thin patches but having to sharpen the pencil all the time was a pain. I purchased this beard pen and OMG GAME CHANGER. Goes on smooth, its a wider tip so application is quick, you can rub it in for more coverage and best part, no sharpening needed! Not to mention carrying a beard pen is a bit more "manly" than a women's eye liner pencil.

      Rex Sharp
      Great for holes!!

      This pen and brush really work great for holes and thinner spots. I wouldn't recommend full coverage or going to heavy especially on a causasian man like myself. The end brush really helps work the color in.

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